Certification Maintenance

When should I submit my application to APICS?
Certification maintenance cycles run in five-year intervals, commencing from the date of initial certification and ending on the last day of the month that initial certification was received. However, if you were certified before 1998, your application is due in 2003, in the month you were originally certified.

Date You Became Certified Application Due
On or Before December 31, 1998 During the year 2003. The application is due the same month that your certification was originally received.
After January 1, 1999 Five years from the same month your original certification was received.



Date You Became Certified Application Due
June 20, 1989 June 2003
April 10, 1994 April 2003
November 14, 1998 November 2003
February 2, 1999 February 2004
July 10, 2000 July 2005
January 15, 2003 January 2008


Am I required to retake the CPIM exams in order to maintain my certification?
No. The Certification Maintenance program is not designed to replicate the certification test-taking process. Rather, the intent of the program is to promote lifelong learning through professional development beyond certification. However, as an option, you can complete the full CPIM certification exam process just as you did when you attained your original certification. Once you complete the full CPIM certification process, the date upon which you pass your last exam becomes your new "initial" certification date and your five-year certification maintenance cycle will commence from that date. For CFPIM Certification Maintenance, you can choose to complete the full CFPIM certification process, which includes passing the CPIM exams and submitting the CFPIM application. Note that if your certification status is suspended and continues to lapse for five years past your suspension date, you must take and pass the required certification exams.

Will points be earned for responsibilities and activities completed as part of my full-time job?
You will not receive points for holding a specific position in any company. Candidates will, however, receive points for any resource management-related education they give or receive on or off the job. This includes workshops, seminars, or in-house training that are attended in order to maintain knowledge or improve your job skills.

How do I document attendance at events conducted by organizations other than APICS?
Evidence of attendance at non-APICS conferences can be provided through a receipt, certificate, or nametag, or through a letter on the letterhead of the sponsoring organization.

How do I document membership in organizations other than APICS?
Evidence of professional membership in resource management-related organizations can be provided through a receipt, membership card with a date, or a letter on the letterhead of the membership organization.

How can I be sure that APICS has my current mailing address?
Call APICS Customer Service at 800-444-2742 or (773) 867-1777 or send an e-mail to service@apics.org to confirm the mailing address APICS currently has on file.

Do I need to become a member of APICS in order to begin collecting maintenance points?
No. The Certification Maintenance program is designed for both members and non-members.

I am CIRM certified. Do I need to fulfill any requirements for maintaining my CIRM designation?
At this time, there are no Certification Maintenance requirements for the CIRM program.

When calculating points for a class, should I account for the number of hours that are published in the course catalog or advertisement or the number of actual classroom hours?
Candidates receive credit for actual class-time. Breaks, networking, meals, and other non-instructional time are not eligible for points.

Can I receive credit for reading books or listening to audiotapes?
No. Due to the inability to confirm that an individual has read a book or listened to an audiotape, these activities will not count toward Certification Maintenance.

Will courses that are conducted in a language other than English earn points?
As long as a class relates to resource management, it is eligible for points regardless of the language in which it is presented.

Will taking a CPIM or CIRM certification review course earn points?
Yes. One point per full hour of instruction is earned for all APICS certification review courses.

Can I earn points twice for taking the same workshop?
Yes. If you choose to retake a workshop for any reason, you will earn points for each workshop you complete.

Do independent study programs count for points?
Yes. Independent study is defined as a home study course or similar educational activity that is done outside of the typical classroom setting. APICS will approve 48 points for a 3-credit independent study course offered by a college/university and will grant non-college/university independent study courses 3 points per approved CEU.

Does a class or activity need to have a specific number of participants in order to be worthy of earning points?
There is no minimum requirement for the number of participants in a program.

Does attendance at a chapter meeting, region meeting and/or board meeting earn points toward Certification Maintenance?
Yes, all instructional portions of meetings of this nature are eligible for points. Participants will earn one point for each instructional hour while presenters will earn two points per instructional hour. Breaks, networking, meals, administrative tasks, and other non-instructional time will not be eligible for points.

How can chapters and other education providers supply documentation of participation to individuals seeking Certification Maintenance points?
Many organizations provide a form on company or chapter letterhead for the students and instructors to complete. Other groups are sending out certificates and receipts to students and letters of thanks to the instructors for purposes of documentation. If you attended a program in the past and would now like to seek documentation, contact the sponsoring organization and request a letter on letterhead or a certificate of completion.

What APICS membership categories are eligible for points?
Individuals will earn six points per year as a member of APICS in the following categories

  • Regular

  • Corporate Voting*

  • Student

  • Lifetime

  • Member-at-Large

  • International

  • International Member-at-Large

  • Honorary

  • Honorary Chapter

* Corporate Subsidiary designates do not qualify for points; however, they qualify for the member rate on the application fee.

Why does APICS membership earn six points per year while membership in other organizations only earns one point per year?
APICS members receive a great deal of information during a membership year, ensuring that they are exposed to resource management-related material on a consistent basis. APICS material is also most likely to address the APICS body of knowledge and is thus more likely to support the goals of the CPIM and CFPIM Certification Maintenance program.

Do APICS Corporate members earn six points for their membership?
If you are a "Corporate Voting member", one of the corporate members who receives the monthly benefit mailings from APICS, you qualify as a member and receive six points. Corporate Subsidiary designates, although part of the corporate membership, will not qualify for Certification Maintenance points for APICS membership.

Can I earn points by taking exams other than the CPIM and CIRM exams?
No, you will not receive any points for passing non-APICS exams. However, you will earn one point per instructional hour for any educational or review courses related to these topics.

If I begin taking CIRM exams, will that count both as maintenance of the CPIM or CFPIM, as well as earning credit towards CIRM?
Yes. A passing score on a CIRM exam is worth 10 points toward maintenance of your CPIM or CFPIM designation.

Can I obtain points for the time I spend studying for CIRM or CPIM exams?
Individual preparation for exams does not count towards Certification Maintenance points since it is impossible to document time spent on this type of activity. However, time spent in workshops and courses will earn points and candidates receive 10 points for each CPIM or CIRM exam that is passed after their initial certification date.

Do the exams I passed to earn my CPIM count toward Certification Maintenance?
No. Only exams and activities completed after your certification date will count toward maintenance.

Can I earn maintenance points for teaching classes?
Yes. Instructors earn two points for each instructional hour of a resource management-related program.

How many points will I earn if I teach a course with a second instructor?
Teaching a course earns two points per instructional hour. Instructors are welcome to divide the points in any manner as long as it is mutually agreed upon and the total number of points for a presentation does not exceed 2 points per hour. If instructors choose to divide the points in an inequitable manner, the presenters must provide written agreement and document why the points are being divided in such a way.

Can I earn points more than once a year for teaching the same class? For example, if I teach a Basics of Supply Chain Management review course three times a year, can I earn points every time I teach it?
Points are awarded to instructors only once per topic in a given calendar year.

How many points will I accumulate for teaching a college class?
A class that is worth three credit hours will entail 36 hours of instruction during a 12-week period thus earning 72 points. However, there is a limit of 60 CPIM points or 80 CFPIM points in Category II: Presentations, Publications, and Educational Development. This limitation ensures that individuals who teach or publish extensively diversify their point total. Therefore, a CPIM candidate will earn 60 points for teaching a three-credit college class and a CFPIM will earn 72 points.

What is the definition of "original research"?
Research conducted for a publication is considered "original" if it has been accepted by a peer-review editorial review board.

Do translators of resource management materials receive any points?
APICS will award two points per hour of translation of resource management materials.

Can I submit my Web site as an example of a "published article"?
Web sites and their contents are not accepted as points toward a published article because articles are reviewed by panels, publishers, editors, etc., but web sites are not held to the same standards.