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General Information About Membership and Classes

The Santa Clara Valley Chapter offers CPIM and CSCP courses which are geared toward helping you successfully complete the APICS Certification Exams. All classes are held at the Chapter at 3150 De la Cruz Blvd, Suite 200 . The Classroom is located on the second floor of the Oxford Business Park in Santa Clara, California.

APICS Membership Benefits

Joining APICS will entitle you to many benefits, including receiving discounts on the classes and testing costs, networking with operations leaders, and maximizing your global connections. APICS Certification is proven to enhance professional advancement.

MEMBERSHIP FEE $200 per annum

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CPIM (Certified Production and Inventory Management)

In order to become CPIM certified you must pass 5 exams.

The CPIM Program consists of 5 corresponding modules. The recommended course sequence is:

  • Basics of Supply Chain Management class (30 Hours)

  • Detailed Scheduling and Planning (27 Hours)

  • Execution & Control of Operations (24 Hours)

  • Master Planning of Resources class (24 hours)

  • Strategic Management of Resources (24 Hours)

CPIM Class Pricing

APICS Member Class Cost Per Module: $725.00
Non-member Cost Per Module: $825.00

The class fees include Certified Instructor-led teachings from Master Level Instructors, participant workbooks and reading materials.

Additional materials that you will need:

  1. APICS Ditionary – $50.00 or Free to New Members
  2. Exam Content Manuals are now included in the participant workbooks for each class

The Cost of the Exams are NOT included in our fees.

CPIM Exams

Exam Fees

$190.00 each CPIM Test with APICS Membership Discount
$290.00 each CPIM Test for Non-Members

**Exams for all 5 modules in CPIM are offered daily with some weekend and evening hours. Before you register to take your CPIM exams, please review the CPIM Exam Content Manual. This manual provides a detailed outline, list of terms, concepts, references, practice questions, and similar information on all modules.

CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional)

CSCP Class Pricing

APICS Member Class Cost: $2,000.00
Non-member Cost: $2,400.00


The class fees include Certified Instructor-led teachings, participant workbooks, slides, and reading materials.

CSCP Exams

The CSCP prices do not include the cost of the Exams. Your class Instructor will provide detailed instructions on how and when to sign up for the exams.

The cost of testing is set by PearsonVue and is subject to change without notice:

$695.00 CSCP Exam for APICS Members
$915.00 CSCP Exam for Non-Members

$450.00  Retakes

**Exams for CSCP should be booked within the testing windows.


Your class Instructor will provide detailed instructions on how and when to sign up for the exams. Before you can book your APICS exam through PearsonVue, you must submit a request for ATT (Authorization to Test) to APICS National?

  1. Request an Authorization to Test (ATT)
    You must request and receive an Authorization to Test (ATT) and email before scheduling an exam. Please carefully review the information in this email. If any information is incorrect, or needs to be updated, please contact APICS at Please have your APICS ID and authorization ID available.
  2. Schedule your APICS exam in North America
    The APICS exam is administered through Pearson VUE, an independent service provider and expert in providing knowledge measurement services. To schedule your APICS exam, please visit Pearson VUE?s website for online booking. 
    APICS offers computer-based testing (CBT) for all exams. All appointments must be made at least 48 hours before the desired test date. A candidate may make an appointment as much as 60 days in advance of the test date. Testing time are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Some periods of the year may be heavily booked. Call to schedule your appointment well in advance of the date you wish to take the exam. Or if you prefer you can also register online. Either way you are the only one who can schedule the exam so create a deadline for yourself and schedule the exam as close to the sixty day point as possible.


The Milpitas location is the closest testing center to the Chapter, however there are other testing centers located in Oakland and Sacramento as well.

1551 McCarthy Blvd
Suite 108
Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone: 408-955-0470

Computer-based testing (CBT)

Request an Authorization to Test (ATT)

To make the testing process easier for all of our candidates, APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) and APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) exams are offered exclusively in computer-based testing (CBT) format worldwide. Exams are scheduled with Pearson VUE.

In order to proceed, all candidates must have an APICS ID number. Complete Authorization to Test (ATT) Form Candidates must be logged in to their My APICS account in order to complete their ATT form. Access the Authorization to Test Request Form.

Forgot APICS account information?

If you have an APICS ID number but do not recall the information, please access My APICS to choose forgot password to avoid creating a duplicate record.

Not sure if you have an APICS account?

Please contact APICS Customer Service at or via phone at 800.444.2742 or 773.867.1778 to verify if an ID number has already been assigned to you and avoid creating a duplicate record.

Need an APICS account and ID number?

Please access the Register page on the APICS web site. Fill out the required form and an email will be sent to you with your ID number. You do not need to be an APICS member to have an APICS ID number.

To review the policies and procedures for taking an APICS exam, please see our bulletins page.

To schedule your exam appointment with our test vendors, you will need to request an Authorization to Test (ATT). Before you submit a request, please verify that your first and last names in your APICS profile match the identification that you will present at the test center. A list of valid forms of identification are listed below. You can view your profile in My APICS. There, you have the ability to change your last name. If you must update your first name, you can contact APICS Customer Service at, 1-800-444-2742 or +1-773-867-1777.

Required Identification

You will need to bring two forms of valid identification to the testing site. The first and last names on the primary and secondary identifications presented at the test center must match the first and last names identified here in order to receive admittance to the testing center. If you do not bring the required forms of identification on exam day or the name you register with does not match your identification, you will be denied admission to the examination and will forfeit the exam fee.

Acceptable forms of primary identification must include a recent photograph and signature. Examples are listed below:

  • Driver’s license (except China)

  • Passport

  • Military identification

  • Other government-issued photo ID

  • Employee identification card (except China)

Acceptable secondary forms of identification must include your signature. Examples are listed below:

  • Credit card

  • Check cashing card

  • Social Security cards are NOT considered acceptable forms of identification

Please verify that your first and last names match your forms of identification. Your middle name and suffix (if applicable) will be printed on any certificates you earn. You can update your name, telephone number and email address in the APICS database by calling Customer Service at 1-800-444-2742 Please note that Authorizations to Test are non-transferable between candidates and non-refundable.

SCVC Class Retake Policy

In the event a student fails the examination, he/she is entitled to re–take the class free of charge (FOC) within 12 months of his/her last class. There is no charge when the student has booked, taken and failed the exam, however, a $100.00 fee will be charged to pay for re–takes of classes where the students have not yet attempted the exam. Students must re–use their own course material, and are welcome in the class as long as there are seats available. If the class is full, the student will be required to wait for the next available class with space.

For More Information Contact:

Marie Rogers
Office Manager

APICS l Santa Clara Valley Chapter
3150 De La Cruz Blvd., Suite 200
Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA

(408) 727.1125 Tel
(408) 727.8930 Fax