Course/Event Beginning:  September 15, 2018 at 8:30 AM
Course/Event Ending: November 03, 2018 at 3:00 PM
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SCVC Classroom
3150 De La Cruz Blvd Suite 200
Santa Clara, CA 95054

The new APICS CSCP exam consists of three important modules. The exam reflects critical changes in the marketplace and in the evolving roles and responsibilities of operations and supply chain managers. For accreditation, you must master each of the following:

Certified Supply Chain Professional Course:

MODULE 1 APICS Supply Chain Management Fundamentals

  • Broad concepts include primary processes, objectives, logistics, integration methods, and rewards
  • Alignment of supply chain with corporate strategies
  • Key considerations for planning, inventory control, and continued improvement
  • Identification and management of market segments
  • Demand forecasting and effective management techniques
  • Effective customer relationship management (CRM)

MODULE 2 Supply Chain Strategy, Design, and Compliance

  • Sustainability practices in design and operation
  • Measurement, responsiveness, operations, and communications
  • Risk, its sources, impacts, and mitigation methods
  • Globally dispersed supply and demand, and the effects on logistics
  • Factors influencing demand, including design, marketing, selling, and matching customer orders
  • Core Customer Relationship Management (CRM) concepts, including strategies, technologies, and implementation challenges
  • Fundamentals of supplier relationship management (SRM), including strategies, improved source management, relevant technologies, and measurement
  • Inventory planning and control methods

MODULE 3 Implementation and Operations

  • Supply chain dynamics and the balance of responsiveness and efficiency
  • Managing supply from internal and external sources
  • Implementation of demand plans, including prioritization, fulfillment, and capturing and communicating point-of-sale data
  • Tools and techniques to support continuous improvement


Our APICS Chapter (Santa Clara Valley) is the largest membership base in Northern California and we are not a virtual chapter, but we do maintain an office, library, and classroom.    Our Chapter classes are offered year round.  The class schedule is posted on the website.   If your questions are regarding class material, homework, assignments, or exams, please direct your questions to your instructor.

Santa Clara Valley Chapter also is proud to provide certification courses with some of the only Master-Level Instructors found in all of the country. All of our Instructors are Certified and APICS Master Level.  We also offer company on-site instruction upon request and have been providing this service for many years for many large companies that would like to offer this to their employees (There must be a minimum of 10 students to have our instructors teach at your company).


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